If Pockets Talked: Hermes Scarf

Time for my item of the week from IfPocketsTalked.com.  This week, I chose this amazing Hermes silk scarf with a book shelf print because it’s different from other Hermes scarves I am accustomed to seeing.  If I were to purchase it, I don’t think I would wear it as a scarf, call me crazy…but I would get it framed and I would hang it in my study.  Yes…I have a study/office, that I by the way, don’t use as often as I should.  Maybe re-decorating it would inspire me to spend more time there. (Note to self: re-decorate study/office in order to avoid future back/neck surgery from using laptop in bed or on couch).

This scarf is priced at $195 (great price for an Hermes scarf) and it’s currently available at IfPocketsTalked.com.  And for my friends across the pond who were wondering if IPT ships internationally, they do!

Here’s a closer look at the print.



  1. Great that Hermes is doing something different other than the Indian inspired prints. Very cerebral scarf for a book reader ! Love your blogs, very unique and stylish!

  2. It is so beautiful. And I get what you mean it would look amazing as a picture in a study. This is why the scarves are expensive they are works of art. xxxx

  3. That scarf is beautiful, and framing it would be a great idea, since you’d lose so much of the design if you wrapped it!

  4. OMIGOSH!!! This maybe the most beautiful scarf I’ve ever seen. I loooooove books and this would be the most perfect scarf for me. Ah! I’m kind of mad at you! Bookmarking this shop for sure.

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