Alexander McQueen: A Love Story

I like many others, was extremely sad when I heard Alexander McQueen took his own life.  I adored him, his designs, his genius.  It was such a loss to the fashion industry and in my opinion to the world.  Every so often a person comes around and makes an impact on the world. I felt connected to him through his designs.  I felt that he expressed a side of me beautifully and in a way I myself could not have described.  I never met him but through his designs I felt that he knew me.  He knew what I would gravitate towards and what I would treat with disdain.

When he passed, I personally felt affected by this.  I questioned my feelings as I did not even know this person.  I simply admired him from a far.  When details of his passing became public, something within me wished that I could have expressed how important he was to me, to the world and why his presence in it was necessary.  I wish there was something I could have done or said to prevent it.  I wish I would have had a chance to show him what an amazing light he was to this planet. I am sure his friends felt the same way.  Is it weird to say that I miss him? As I type this, my eyes fill with tears. Maybe I connect with the pain and hopelessness he felt or I connect with the pain and void his friends experience today.

What inspired this post was the fact that I finally own a piece of his legacy.  I wanted one of his skull scarves ever since they came out.  I never got around to purchasing one and never bothered to purchase any of his other pieces.  I admit I took his designs for granted and imagined they would always be around.  When I learned of his passing it became even more important that I owned one of his pieces.  To be completely honest, anytime I saw anything from his lines that I simply adored, I was not in a position to make the purchase (even though in my mind the items are completely worth every penny).  Finally, yesterday I stepped into a consignment shop and found a skull scarf at a price I could afford.  Without hesitation I purchased the item and vowed to wear it as much possible.

I realize today, that as with anything else in my life, everything unfolds at the right time. This scarf found me at a time when it would not just be one more scarf in my closet.  It found me at a time when I would treasure it and value it. I regard this scarf in a way I don’t think I have ever regarded any item in my closet, I regard it as sacred. I try to imagine what he was thinking when he came up with the idea to do these scarves, what inspired him and the details that made this scarf possible. I wear this scarf today and feel a piece of Alexander with me. I wear it as a representation of the human struggle.  The struggle between what makes us divine and perfect and what makes us human and frail. I wear it as a token from a friend I will no longer see or hear from again but a friend who I will never forget.

Yesterday I planned on doing a post about this fabulous find, where I found it and for how much, as I do in other posts.  But as I looked at this scarf this morning, I realized this is not just another fabulous item I found at a consignment shop.  This scarf meant a lot more to me. So I use this post, this platform to express what has been in my heart for so long. This became a love letter to you my dear Lee. May you rest in power and peace, may you know how much you are missed and may you know your spirit and legacy carries on.



    • Thank you so much for this, I loved the clip on your post. I will def. look for McQueen and I.


  1. I would so love to have a McQueen piece too. My absolute fantasy is to acquire his Union Jack clutch. One day!

    We all are inspired in different ways, by different things. I love that you are so inspired by McQueen. It’s impossible not to be. He was extraordinary.

  2. You have written a beautiful, heartwarming and touching piece on McQueen. If he were to read it, he would be moved. I was and had tears in my eyes. You did not objectify the scarf as merely another posession in your drawer, but told a story, in fact a loving story behind it. I am so glad that you did not merely treat it as another great find from a vintage store. You gave it the due respect it deserves. Well done!

  3. Yes, I still think about it many times, as he truly was an inspiration for me as well. Brilliant designer, thinker. ..Thanks for sharing your love for McQueen! That is a beautiful piece.

  4. This was touching, I love that you chose to honor the scarf with such a personal post. So glad you found that piece :-)


  5. wow. THIS is how I want to feel about all of my purchases. And while not everyone is McQueen— he was a rare genius, and not every piece will be as stellar, I want to love my things, be invested in my things- regardless of the price point.

  6. Alexander McQueen was my all time favorite, and I cried like a little girl when he choose to leave this world. He is deeply missed.

    Re: Thank you for caring! Your link is up on the Care-page :)

  7. I read every word of this post, and you are truly a very fine writer. I completely agree with you, Alexander McQueen opened up doors in fashion that no one else was able to. I feel such a personal connection to him, despite the fact that I’ve never met him. That is what I love most about fashion, when what looks like a cotton/polyester scarf means so much more than just a length of fabric; when it symbolizes the haunted legacy of someone so mysterious, someone we all feel we should know. Thanks for sharing! Lots of love from your follower, Veena <3

  8. Sweetheart, thank you so much for sharing! I love that you wrote this post, it is beautiful, nothing short of beautiful. And moving. Posts like this is what keep me coming back to a blog, because fashion blogging for me is about the person doing the blogging. Love, Anika

  9. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment.

    I feel like you do about Alexander’s passing. I actually cried when I found out because it was he who made me fall so deeply in love with fashion. His courage to be different, and his creative talent. He was truly a genius. I notice a pattern on death. We lose those who we cherish most. We lose the one’s that impact us the most. Perhaps we lose them for a reason;so we can learn to treasure the present. I look forward to reading more of your posts and I just started following you on bloglovin’

    If you reside in Palm Beach, Fl, well then maybe we should meet up some time!


    Lauren Nicole
    Front Row Spectator

  10. I was very touched too. I imagined how he must have felt to end up with “a solution” like that… We all should be there for one another. Always lifting each sweet a human being up, encouraging and spurring on to reach what we all unique persons do the best.

    I love reading you heartfelt posts. You style sense touches me too.

  11. What a wonderful scarf and your post overall! I thought he was a great designer as well and it’s so sad to lose such great talent too soon!

  12. So, so sad that left so early :-( He was such a huge inspiration to everyone: bloggers, models, even designers. He will be missed dearly! Love the way you hung that scarf from those crosses, very different and unique.

    x mordrian

  13. Ah – I have always wanted the skull scarf as well, yet put off actually purchasing one. Sharing your feelings on your scarf, the passing of McQueen has motivated me to go ahead and get one… why put it off – why not get something you want and treasure it. Thanks!

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