Missoni Vs. Missoni For Target

I don’t think many people anticipated the chaos caused by the Missoni For Target line. On Sept. 13th, at 8:30am most stores had completely sold out and around 9am target.com crashed. Hours later reports surfaced that Missoni for Target pieces were being sold on ebay at outrageous prices. What was amazing to me is that people were willing to pay those escalated prices. I didn’t get it. I mean for that amount of money, one could purchase a real Missoni piece and as a result, own a better quality product.

A couple of days later, I visited Consigned Couture and found this brand new, authentic Missoni hobo handbag for $199.99! This is why I love consignment shopping so much – access to authentic, high quality, designer items for a fraction of the cost. And guess what…nobody tackled me as I reached for it.

As of yesterday, this bag was still available at Consigned Couture. They can be reached at (561) 881-9005 if you’re interested.  



  1. Yep, just get the real thing or pay the target retail price… No need to overpay on eBay, just get a consignment real deal for less.

  2. I totally agree. And actually I like the real Missoni bag way better than the Target version so I would spend the $200 to get the real thing!

  3. I can’t believe you snagged this for such a low price, consignment shopping really does save you loads! I really wanted to check out the Missoni for Target line but I didn’t get the chance to. I agree with you that for those high Ebay prices you could easily own an authentic, better quality piece from Missoni themselves. Thanks for sharing! xoxo, Veena <3


  4. Amazing. I’m so glad you did this post!! It really tells you something. The people who are spending hundreds of dollars on the target items on ebay are missing out on the real thing!! I can’t wait to see you tomorrow night!! :)

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