1. Hi there is there a way you can authenticate a Hermes Birkin if i bring it to your store??

    • Hi Oscar,

      I don’t have a store nor do I offer authenticating services at this time. Thanks for reaching out.

  2. Yes what Teri said.” I loved you from hello” you were authentic quiet and captivating…………something was brewing inside you and this was it. I loved the way you work the way you put our fashion windows together the images you captured thru your photography and all that you do you are in your perfect place.
    Much Love and admiration, Lil

    • My dear Lil!

      Thank you so much for always being so supportive of me and welcoming with open arms. I still have feeling about that Celine bag you beat me on. LOL. Thank you for all the love.

  3. I love that you look within…for to know yourself is the beginning of all wisdom (paraphrased from Aristotle), or as I believe, true intelligence begins with introspection.

    You asked if we (I) have discovered myself and if so, what I have learned…the answer is a bit convoluted.

    I have discovered through life that what I believe about myself is often contradicted in the reactions of others…that the person I am changes with those to whom I speak, that I seek happiness and validation in the eyes of others and am often disappointed, that the confidence that alludes me cannot be gained through the acceptance of others, and that my greatest joy and pride are named Kyle and Sonia.

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